Ledge Stone

With more than 100 different designs, Ledge stone is like a twin brother of natural raw stone. The wonderful blend of classical and modern colors has enabled Vinh Cuu 20 various colors to match all Western, Asian and South East housing styles. The nature surpassing feature of Ledge Stone is represented by precise Ledge Stone corner that you can never find in natural stone. In Europe, Ledge stone is popular for decoration of walls, piles, gates, living rooms, kitchens, etc ...
Type Dimension (mm)
(L) x (W) x (H)
(kg/pc) σ=2%
 Pressing strength
 Bending strength
 Water absorption
 Piece  500x100x30  1.6  ≥ 100  ≥ 40  10
 Corner  200/100x100x30  1.2  100  40  10